Chittagong customs detains 150 containers at port yards fearing forgery

After five containers of alcohol detected at the port of Chittagong this week, imported on mis-declaration, the Chittagong customs has detained 150 boxes at the port yards, suspecting that they may also contain alcohol or other kinds or suspicious items.

The customs department will now open all these containers to physically check whether they contain illegal or undeclared goods. These containers were mainly brought from China.

The detection of five containers of alcohol at a time at the port yard, of which two containers were released by hacking identification number and password of a customs official, now become the talk of the town.

Officials say after two containers of alcohol were released through illegal means, the customs officials detained three more containers full of alcohol in three days. Later, the bill of lading of 150 more containers was blocked as they were submitted to the customs house for releasing the boxes.

According to them, group of unscrupulous people is involved in taking the release of containers by hakcing identification number and passwrod of customs officials and submitting forged documents manually.

They say the manual system needs to be abolished from the customs department to avoid such incidents because high chances remain to forge the manual documents.

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